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Chrome Extensions: Live Earning Checker for Google Adsense

I have a confession to make: I’m obsessed with knowing my Adsense earnings. I have this compulsive drive to check on it at least a few times per day. Lol. And I’m happy and giddy like a kid, whenever I see I’m doing quite well. And I always work myself out to work more whenever I see the earnings are not quite up to what I expect.

I suppose its kinda OC of me but I kinda think its one of my little quirks and indulgences. Heh.Mind you, I don’t beat myself over the head if I earn less daily, instead it inspires me more and makes me more diligent in building up my web sites.

Thankfully, there are cool extension developers out there who sympathize with our predicament – this compulsive need to know where we are at with Adsense. And I’m taking about a Google Chrome extension called Live Earnings Checker for Google Adsense.

Once you add it to your Chrome extensions, it’ll show your ‘live’ earnings for the current day and month. It refreshes every 5 minutes so at least you get to keep up with your earnings without having to login to your Adsense account everytime without being too obvious hahaha. It only works with one account, if you wanna follow a different account then you have to sign out of your current account and login in with the new one.

It does have some down times, a couple of times I have experienced it not updating but most of the time it caters to my obsessive need to peek at my daily earnings. For that, I love love this extension.

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