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Considering a Huawei Phone

For my mom that is.

I’m thinking of buying her a smartphone. And mind you, for a grandma she is techno savvy. She’s a gamer, on PC or in a console she can find her way. I think she is a much better gamer than me, and that’s one reason she gets along so well with my daughter. I suspect they talk all games every day.

Anyway, I’m thinking of getting her a smartphone so she can play games and also connect. It has to be big screened but nothing too pricey. She keeps a tight fist on her budget and would freak out if I spend a lot on something. Someone suggested a Huawei P1 Phone.

Huawei 4.3"smartphone P1 U9200 Black,1.5GHz Dual core,QHD Super AMOLED,Android4.0,8MP CameraHuawei 4.3″smartphone P1 U9200 Black,1.5GHz Dual core,QHD Super AMOLED,Android4.0,8MP Camera

We looked it up in the nearest shop here, and it looks nice. Although I find the colors a bit washed  but it looked great. Anyone with experience using this? Any reviews?

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