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Cute Girly Ipod Accessories

I was searching for a gift for a dear friend. I want to send it through my sister who’s going for a short vacation in the Philippines. My friend is a gadget freak. And what she loves most – her iPod. She’s a singer and cant’ survive a day without her iPod.

So I was looking for some ipod docks or other iPod thingies she would love. I guess I was hooked. I don’t have an iPod, I used to own one but it just wasn’t for me so I gave it to my sister. But the gadget freako in me of course appreciates the cutie accessories for iPod.

Like these colorful music balloon iPod speakers from GeekStuff4U


Tropical Floral Must-Have Mini Speakers from PBTeen

Zumreed Drop Speaker from GeekStuff4U

Dreams Heart Portable Speaker from GeekStuff4U

So now after much searching. Guess what?! I can’t make up my mind what to get for her. Hahaha..

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