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Cute-tify Your Photos with these Android Apps

I’m currently Android obsessed and probably will be for a long time. Let’s just say I’m a lover of open source tech whatnots and I like having flexibility when it comes to my devices. If not, I find them extremely boring, so I’m so fascinated by Android because of the myriad possibilities and custom things you can do with it. Tweakers paradise so to speak.

Right now I’ve been playing with loads of things you can do with this platform for both phone and tablets and if someday they have this platform for car gps, I would probably get it and play with it too. I’m that obsessed.

Anyhow, yesterday we’ve been exploring some photo editing apps on Google Play and since I was ‘playing’ with my almost teenage daughter, of course she had to search for apps that can make her photos look cute or kawaii! While I could never get into this trend (for obvious reason that I’m OLD and boring hahaha), I can fully understand the kawaii appeal specially to the younger set.

Android and Google Play has a whole bunch of mostly free apps you can use to cute-tify or make your photos  extra kawaii. Here’s some we saw:

DecoPic Android App

DecoPic – Free. Photo application created for ladies who like all things “Kawaii”.

DecoPetit Android App

DecoPetit – Free. Decoration “Cute&Cool” to Purikura or Photo.

PiCute Android App

PiCute – Free. An application to take cute pic’s and decorate them.

ABC Camera Android App

ABC Camera – Free. Decorate with cute text.

There’s also a whole lot of kawaii apps with only Japanese menus/character but I figured they are cool too to add a bit of ‘kawaii authenticity’ lol to your pics.

Shameji Android App

Shameji – Free.

Yuromoji Camera Android App

Yuromoji Camera – Free. Add kawaii text fonts.

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