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I’m a compulsive note taker. I always carry around with me a small notebook, a notepad and army of post-its. I also take notes with my mobile phones, and I love journals. It’s simply because with lots of things going on in my life, work, home, kid, hobbies, errands, the list is almost endless so I tend to forget this and that. So I write down things I need to remember like schedules, to do things, life insurance quotes, bills to pay, due dates, grocery lists etc.

When I was younger I used to always write on a diary. Nothing really serious as my life then was boring but it was a great feeling to be able to write down what when on today, what I felt, people I met, things I’ve done. And its really funny when you read those things you wrote when you were younger.

Lately though, I haven’t been able to do that since I have not much time in my hands. I’m usually online and on my desktop, blogging, building websites and creating digi art. So, since I’m on the computer often and I find it second nature now to type on the keyboard vs. writing with a pen, then it will be great if I could write down thoughts on a desktop application.

I looked around the net for a desktop diary but it took me awhile. Either they are too pricey or they are too complicated to use. But after searching for sometime, I stumbled across a diary application called EfficientDiary. It has a free version so I lost no time in downloading and trying out how it would work out. Installation was no fuss and was a breeze.

I didn’t expect it to be fancy since I only have the free version, but I love it! Loaded with features, like password protection (in case you’ve got some juicy stuff in there..:P) and encryption. Your whole diary would actually be encrypted not just your password..

Efficient Diary Startup Screen/Login Interface
Efficient Diary Startup Screen/Login Interface
Efficient Diary Interface
Efficient Diary Entry Interface

It has different interface styles to choose from and what I like best is the very intuitive interface. Editing sure looks like your regular MS Document and really there is very very minimal things to learn.I like how the interface is designed, its like its easy to move around. Another feature that I like is that, it has recycle bin support. So if you accidentally delete an entry, it would be easy to restore it.

And since, I’m usually fuzzy about font styles, I even managed to change my diary writing font into a handwritten style, just so it really has that ‘written journal’ effect. And I find it adorable that you can actually assign emoticons for each entry. Like you set the mood, and browsing through your entries you easily get the idea how you were feeling that day.

Efficient Diary Writing Interface
My Efficient Diary Writing Interface.. with Handwritten Font Style!

I’m loving this little piece of software, I even created two diary sets already – one for personal musings and the other a work diary. I’m glad it actually has a portable version too, I can write on my diary on any computer from a USB. This diary, well, its a great way to look back, and ponder on what happens each day. And someday, it’ll be a great way to reminisce and relive important memories..Grab yourself a copy of EfficientDiary and get your own desktop diary started.

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