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It’s a known thing. I’m trying to lose weight for the nth time. I’ve done all sorts of things to achieve this goal. And it skipped my mind, in my frantic attempts to lose weight quickly, that the real secret to my quest to a healthier weight it is to live healthy. Though I didn’t really go to extreme lengths like take slimming pills, so I was spared the side effects of extenze, still I went on mad diets, crazy exercise schemes etc. Sure I lost a bit of weight every time I go into these things but I usually gain it back in no time. It’s only just recently that it seriously hit me what living healthy means. It’s definition may differ for each person but we’d pretty much agree on the fact the healthy living includes eating a healthy well balanced diet and having some form of exercise on a daily basis. I also realized that trying to live healthy is a slow process. One that cannot be hurried up overnight. Perhaps it might work for some people to change overnight, but definitely not for me. So, I’m taking gradual but definite steps towards a healthier lifestyle. I’ve been changing my goals from just losing weight to living healthy. Unconsciously, going for this new goal has the positive side effect – I’m starting to lose weight! I’ll be talking about this more soon..But for now, it’s what I wanna share. Having healthy eating and lifestyle habits does have its just rewards.

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