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Easy Age Spot Remedy

lemon wedge There are countless remedies being advertised for age spot removal. Of course, most of these treatments are effective but its also bound to be expensive. I have nothing against these treatments but before you go for them, why not try a home remedy first? Simple, natural,  effective and you don’t need to spend a lot.

This is actually a tip my mother gave me. I’ve noticed she has a very clear skin albeit with wrinkles since she well into her 60’s already. But she doesn’t have much age spots and I asked her what is the secret..

Lemon! In her case since she was living in the Philippines and kalamansi was quite common, that’s what she used as substitute. Simple slice lemon into wedges and rub it on the age spot for a few minutes. Then rinse it off with well. It might take a while for the age spot to be gone, but it is effective if you are consistent with it. In addition to removing age spots, lemons are also known to improve skin elasticity and to help maintain a clear skin.

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