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Easy Global Payments with Payoneer

Are you an affiliate marketer? A blogger? Or perhaps you do a lot of online transactions? 

Here’s something that is making things really easy for me, when it comes to receiving payments online: Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard Card.

It offers a lot of convenience for those always transacting online. As for me, I’m a blogger and affiliate marketer and I receive some of my affiliate commissions on my Payoneer.  There are several advantages to this:

The main reason I applied for a Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard Card was to receive my affiliate commissions. Before this, I usually receive payments by check. And you know how long that takes especially if you are living outside of US. But with Payoneer, it just takes a few days and I have the payments in my account.

How I Applied for My Payoneer MasterCard Card?

There are two ways to apply for a Payoneer Card. (1) Apply directly to Payoneer or (2) Via a Payoneer partner (ie. Freelancer, Odesk, Infolinks, Elance, Fiverr, Clickbank, 2CheckOut etc).

Payoneer has some very reputable partners. I was contemplating applying through my or Odesk accounts, but in the end decided against it because I rarely use this sites nowadays. So I went directly and applied for my card on the Payoneer website.

The sign up was a breeze. After completing the application, I was sent a confirmation email. After a few days, I received email instructions for verification. I was asked to send a scanned copy of an ID and proof of billing. A day after, I got an email confirming my application was approved and I will be receiving my Payoneer card via mail in a few weeks.

After waiting a couple of weeks, I got this! My Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard Card.

Applying for Payoneer MasterCard

Now I’m quite happily receiving my Amazon and ShareaSale commissions on my Payoneer Card.

>>You can sign up for your very own Payoneer MasterCard here. You can also get $25 when you refer friends and they apply for their own Payoneer Card.

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