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Easy Way to Healthy Nails..

nailCare1 I used to be so lazy to care for my nails. I thought it’s too much hassle and there was a point that I only cut my nails when it was long already and I couldn’t stomach the dirt getting inside. My mom used to nudge me every time to buff my nails, apply moisturizer etc etc. She kept harping on and on that if I don’t bother with it, there would come a time that an industrial equipment would be needed to clean it up.

I guess her constant reminders got to me and I eventually incorporated nail care to my routine. After all, nails are a part of us and is part of what should be kept always clean and well groomed. Thankfully, I’ve learned a lot of easy nail care techniques so caring for nails won’t be too much of a hassle.

  • Have a healthy diet. This is very essential to nail care, skin care and for your overall being. Have the right balance of vitamins and it is also beneficial to take a daily multivitamin to supplement your nutrient intake.
  • Protect your nails and hands when doing heavy work. Invest in a pair of sturdy gloves for scrubbing clean your kitchen, or gloves for hand washing clothes, and specially for gardening.
  • Rub on some moisturizer regularly. If you can find a nail moisturizer, then apply some regularly.
  • Clean out your cuticles regularly. At least once a week.
  • If you regularly apply nail polish or nail art, then give your nails also time to breath for a few days or a week. This will allow your nails to be rejuvenated and it won’t chip easily.
  • Clip nails regularly. If you don’t like clipping, then buffing your nails can be an alternative.

Those are easy and simple ways I regularly care for my nails. I don’t even need to be a the nail salon every week. It will also be very handy if you have your nail care kit at home.

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