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EverGreen Home Concept

I love it when green concepts get meshed with technology. It has that refreshing and cool factor. I was actually looking for some planter designs when I came across this E Home Project by designers Jeiyong Chun & Hyunjune Yang on YankoDesign.

E Home Design Concept

Let’s face it, were now living in the world where space is getting more and more limited. So homes are usually crowded and cramped spaces. But it doesn’t have to be drab and gray right? This E Home concept is actually pretty simple, its a concept  which aims to maintain a well balanced home environment with sufficient greenery to keep the atmosphere cheery and fresh.



EverGreen Home Concept EverGreen Home Concept EverGreen Home Concept EverGreen Home Concept


The concept consists of 5 modular units – two green towers, one green wall, one green floor and one green stand. All of them are  sustained by a Smart Digital Plant Care System nurtures the plants with the help of a digitally empowered environment.

Note that this is still just a design concept, but if I may say so, a cool pretty one.

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