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Facebook’s Your Story


Facebook just recently launched Stories on their app. You can read the story on TechCrunch. It’s basically like Snapchat where you can add photos or video, edit them and share it. It is only live for 24 hours.

via TechCrunch

I must admit, I find it annoying. Annoying enough that I am writing this post. For one, Facebook is starting to become too chaotic. Too much information around. Just too many in your face information that you don’t even directly look for is there. Heck! I even had one ad showing violin shoulder rest just because I have previously searched for local violin lessons!

This story feature is also available on the Messenger and its like just double of everything. Things like this make me think, there is just too much crap out there. While it can be fun, in the long run it just makes all things complicated and cluttered.



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