Few Changes..

Yes, I decided to bite the bullet and go full throttle. Hahaha! No I’m not planning to go into battle or anything, I’m simply talking about some changes I’ll be implementing for this blog.

(1) Shopping Coupons and Discount Codes – I have started featuring this for a few months already. In fact I created a page for each online shop I like and updated it with the most recent discount coupons. Call me OC, but once those posts started piling up I kinda didn’t like it cluttering and going side by side with my regular fashion-style-fitness-women’s brouhaha posts. So now I am creating an entirely separate site for fashion shopping coupons. It will be a sub-domain of this blog and of course, I’ll still be posting a coupon feed on the sidebar. That way, you get to check out the links for the latest discounts and coupon codes.  Will be posting the link to the site soon.

(2) Online Shopping Directory – this one I haven’t started yet. Initially I planned to have it as just a small section still integrated with this blog. But if I want it to be a bit more comprehensive then it’ll add more to the clutter this site already is. So same plan as the Fashion Coupons, this will now be housed in a standalone blog, but still a sub-domain of this one.

That’s it! Now let me get back to doing some digging to get this going.. Ciao!

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