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Foods That Speed Up Weight Loss

A week ago I started a diet. South Beach Diet to be exact and its doing great. I’m shedding kilos without actually getting hungry hehe. And I’m still doing my exercise routines to go with the diet. So, its quite safe to say that right now, I’m plenty preoccupied with dieting, weight loss, fitness and no I don’t have room right now in my time to search for car insurance quotes which I am supposed to do. Lol! I’m really ecstatic enough that my usual fickle-minded self is absorbed on this goal: to lose weight.

Anyway, weight loss crazed that I am, I’ve been browsing online for some healthy eating articles and I came across an article in Yahoo Health. It’s all about seven foods that speed up weight loss.

1. Cheese.
2. Almonds.
3. Coffee.
4. Peppers.
5. Green Tea.
6. Eggs.
7. Portobello Mushrooms.

Read the entire article from the link above. =)

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