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I’m a huge fan of customization. Yes, I don’t like the generic look as you can see I had been almost obsessive about tweaking the look and feel of Android phones. And I’m quite sad I don’t have enough time to do that right now. So the same obsession goes for my web and blog sites. While I may use pre-made layouts and themes to save time, I would always feel compelled to change it up a bit, and give it some of my personality.

While some others don’t want to get down and dirty playing with CSS on themes, one easy tweak I could suggest for personalizing websites is to play with fonts! Its easy enough just as long as you backup your theme’s style sheets first.

Where to find these unique styled fonts? Use free web fonts and embedding service from these two favorites:

Free Webfont Service

Google Fonts – easy to use and I like the layout of the site. So easy to test the look of any text/phrase I want to change. The font inventory is also huge so there’s always one to suit every person’s style.

Free Webfonts Service

Adobe Edge Web Fonts – another free service, powered by Typekit, with huge selection of over 500 fonts. Embedding to website is also just as easy as Google Fonts. I really love the selection on this one. My only con for this service, ‘hard’ to discover fonts coz the layout for font selections is not that easy to navigate and if you are a very visual person and would like to test first your ‘text’ with a particular font, then this might be a bit harder.

How to embed to your website?

  • Select the font you want to use.
  • Add the code to your theme stylesheet or <head> element of your html site.
  • Change the font name of specific element you want to apply it to. (Tip: Open you webpage on the browser, and on Chrome/Firefox browser, right click on the specific element you want to change/highlight, select inspect element on the dropdown. There you will see what the theme designer used as class name)

For WordPress users, these plugins may be useful for easy integration:

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