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Get Away Dark Circles!

Yes! I know I blog without obligation but sometimes when I leave things a bit unattended for awhile, I feel a bit guilty.  I feel like I left my baby… hahaha yeah that’s true.  Anyway, I was running out of creative juices the past two weeks and was so busy attending to other projects online and offline.

dark eye circle remedies

I also had a much needed vacation coz like my husband said, I needed it. I literally have dark circles under my eyes. Lol! And its driving me insane I dunno how to remove it. Some suggests I should go for a regular facial mask treatment, some suggest I put some cucumber, some insists I sleep more. Gah! Is there some sort of treatment for this? I might dash for a quick easy personal loan if this treatment is expensive but what the heck!

Anyway, now I sleep early 10 pm being the latest but for some reason I still have dark circles. I don’t any pressing problems, I don’t stress too much so I dunno what to do. Maybe I should just lay and do some more relaxing. Any tips from you dear readers? I’m nearly desperate here and hubby keeps teasing me that this is a sure sign of aging. He might be telling the truth?! hahahaha!

Anyway, I was searching for good tips on getting rid of dark eye circles and this article on WikiHow deserves mention. It’s useful, concise and filled with tips. Hope it’ll work for me.

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  1. Haha, I hear yah. I blog without obligation too but I feel guilty if I don’t blog. Hahaha!

    Happy that you had your much needed R and R =)

  2. great to hear that you enjoyed your recent vacation…and thanks for sharing the wiki links, hope it helps me din—ms. eyebag na din ako, eh! have a great week! 🙂

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