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GetPocket Bookmarking Tool

Getting back to posting my web services finds. Here’s something that I really really like. GetPocket bookmarking service. It’s the new version of the popular Read it Later app.

Get Pocket Bookmarking Service

I love how your bookmarks are presented. It’s all sleek and has a very organized feel to it. Various bookmarks can sometimes make me feel dizzy with confusion but somehow GetPocket presents it in a way that is easy on the eyes. As we surf the web, we tend to accumulate a lot of links, bookmarks and sometimes it can be daunting to read it in one go. Bookmarks are presented in thumbnail format (which so reminds me of Pinterest) and also on list format.

GetPocket Bookmarks Panel

Another thing is that they have a lot of ways so you can easily bookmark links in all sorts of browsers and platforms. I love how I get to choose from several apps that would best suit my needs when browsing with Chrome or Firefox.

I also love the fact that I can easily tag my bookmarks for easier searching. I almost always bookmark a lot of shopping finds and sometimes I find it hard to look for my previous bookmarks but this makes it easy. I can easily tag an item for unique finds, books, fashion etc.

So if happen to be like me who’s a link and bookmark hoarder, but can’t read it in one go, check out GetPocket. It’s free and awesome.

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