Getting Mentally Stagnant…


Am I? Ihad this really stimulating conversation with a college buddy. Both of us are college grads who used to be career driven but made the decision to be Stay-At-Home-Moms after marriage. Both of us have the similar experiences of being looked down upon because we chose to go this path. And we also do get a lot of comments why we allowed ourself to be stagnant at home.

I find those people who think that way as incredibly ignorant narrow minded. Sure, it may seem like a backward step but to assume that the challenges we face now are trivial compared to when we were career women is just plain ignorant. LOL! To think that now I’m more concerned about finances, retirement, education etc than when I was working.

One thing we both conceded is that there are times that staying at home could lead to mental stagnation. This is something that really scares me off. Perhaps because I thrive on mental challenges. I remember a cousin used to kid me before that I get frustrated like crazy when I fail to figure out a complex problem. That’s me. hehe..

So what do I do to prevent this? I am always daring to step out of my comfort zone. Things that are complex and unfamiliar never fails to attract me. I constantly challenge myself. Like when I was so in a spazz about a kawaii vector graphic I saw online, I dared myself to learn how to use Inkscape and Illustrator to make my own.

I used to have zero knowledge when it comes to HTML, CMS, managing websites, but I was fascinated. So I bought myself books, read tutorials till all of it was somehow decipherable.

I employ the same attitude towards everything else. Like cooking. Hehe I’ve been known to throw in everything I could find in the pantry and somehow manage to concoct edible food.

So I guess that would be my trick to stop being mentally stagnant.. Learning can occur not just in school or in a workplace but anywhere. All I need is a challenge and I rarely step back from jumping out of the box. I don’t like telling myself, that uh that is too difficult, too complex coz if you do you’re already defeated. There really is no harm in trying. I’m still grounded in realities though, if something is too difficult, I ask for help. Simple as that.

To quote:

You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives. ~Clay P. Bedford

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