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Going on A Picnic..

Just indulge me ok? I was browsing through some website for some picnic baskets and I had this fantasy going on… Of going to a really romantic picnic! Hahaha I know its sounds cheesy, but I can’t help it. Seeing these uber lovely picnic baskets I guess just brings out the cheesy romantic in me.

They are lovely, aren’t they? Which one’s your pick? Hubby though told me, they probably don’t come with cooked food so I have to slave over some foodie in the kitchen before I could go for the picnic. Now, I wish they’d also come with free food delivery! I know there are some restaurants offering picnic deliveries and I wish we had that where we are right now.

Barrel Picnic Basket from

Barrel Picnic Basket

Somerset – English Style Willow Deluxe Basket Green from

Picnic Time Vino Wine & Cheese Picnic Basket in Pine Green from

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