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Gradually Losing..

I’m talking about weight loss. You see, after I gave birth my weight has been on  a see-saw mode. I’m pretty sure a lot of women there have similar dilemmas. There were times I was slim, then I’d balloon. I was seriously at a loss on what to do about it. I’ve tried fad diets, I’ve tried not eating carbs and sugar for weeks but these worked for me on short term. Once I’m thin again, I’d slide back to my usual routines then gain weight again.

exercising I’ve also tried going to the gym but this didn’t work out since I’m usually very very busy and I would end up always losing the rhythm and making excuses not to go. There was even a point when I was already desperate and I’ve tried slimming pills but it didn’t make me feel good. Like I was cheating and there were some complications like shortness of breath and I was deathly scared that I’d be needing a pulse oximeter soon.

Lately though, I’ve been re-examining my weight loss quest and where I’m doing wrong. I always want to have results fast and easy and I think this is ultimately costing me. I’ve decided to switch to gradual weight loss regime by just cutting back bit by bit on my calorie consumption. I still eat, but I cut my servings in smaller portions and now I’ve adjusted well enough to not eat rice for dinner and I’m loading up on fruits and veggies.

I’ve also started exercising gradually. Gradually being the keyword. Instead of going straight for a heavy workout routine, these past two weeks I’ve been doing 30 minute stretching exercises and I feel so much better and ready for the next step. Next week I’m planning to step up my exercises with more cardio and adding jumping rope to my routine.

And surprisingly, its getting me results! I’ve already lost 1 lb in less than a week! So, I’m seriously intent on keeping this up till I reach my ideal weight.

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