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Happy Adsense Camper!

That’s me! Whoohooo! I’ve been blogging close to 4 and a half years already but it has only been more than 2 years since I have added Google Adsense to a couple of my blogs. I was hesitant to use it to monetize my sites coz I initially thought it would only work for big traffic blogs. And also when I started building my first blog (with blogspot) and added Adsense, the results were just sooo dismal. It was quite disheartening and I was quite glad  I blog mainly for pleasure if not I would have been devastated upon seeing my meager earnings for 6 months was a measly $.58! After that, I removed all traces of Adsense on my blog.

That was until late 2009 when I started reading about niche site building. Well, the concept was targeting small traffic, low-medium competition keywords for better chance at going up the search engine page results and targeted traffic means more probability of visitors clicking on targeted ads.

I thought about it and decided to try it on my older blogs and so I returned to Adsense. I picked out keywords with less than 8000 monthly searches and started optimizing the blogs with that and also everytime I post, I try to use terms that are being searched. I’m not overly concerned about numbers though, I think its intuitive, just think of the terms you yourself would use to search for a particular topic and try to use those keywords throughout the post and also using it as your ‘anchor text’ whenever you comment on blogs or link to the article. That’s SEO in my very simple terms. Lol.  I’m not really very good with SEO but the minimal effort was proven to be good.

Blog Earnings

In a few months, some of my single posts were ranking for some keywords with very targeted traffic. And a lot of them have translated to Adsense clicks and moolah for moi. So now I know Adsense could also work for low traffic blogs, but it should be optimized for targeted keywords.

At least now there is not a day where my Adsense report says I earned $0. I have two main blogs doing average of $4 per day and a couple more newer ones throwing in a few cents per day. This is inspiring me to work more and learn more about SEO and how to be up the search engine results.

As for other bloggers in the same boat as me before, well, plastering Adsense on a blog and not doing much in terms of making your blog more SEO friendly would not really yield much. The trick is learning a little bit of SEO to help you along.

My little advice would be: don’t run after the very competitive, usual keywords related to your blog. Better yet, pick out long tail keywords with medium to low competition and go for it.

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