Hubby is now off..

For the next few months anyway,  so though I feel weird I’m managing pretty well. Hmm, I realized I could perhaps survive without him for a few weeks/months but hehe not forever so now I’m actually counting the days I could see him again. I miss him, though my sister said maybe that’s because I don’t have anyone to order around? Lol!

Anyway, we got back from our vacation two weeks ago and since hubby was leaving after a few days, the next couple of days were spent in a flurry of activities. Typical of him, he waited for me before even shopping for things he needed to add to his wardrobe. Were living now in a tropical country so he didn’t have much of cold/autumn/winter clothes.

Thankfully, though its really scorching hot here in Phnom Penh we could still easily find a lot of clothing for cold places and at a lot cheaper prices. We ended up scouring Phnom Penh’s Russian Market/Tuol Tompong Market’s factory overuns sections and came out with lots of cardigan sweaters, a winter jacket, shirts, a couple of jeans and socks.

Hmm, I think he’s a more picky shopper than me, but I’m quite pleased he leaves it up to me and agrees with most of my clothing picks..

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