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I Want a Samsung Galaxy Note.

Seriously. I have never drooled much over a mobile something in my life. Hahaha.. I hesitate to call this just a smartphone. I also cannot just label it just as a tablet. So its a hybrid of some sort. What I like about it is that it brings both worlds, the advantages of using a smartphone and a tablet. And perhaps the S-pen may be regarded as some as a throwback but I do love it. In fact, its one of the selling features of this phone/tablet to me.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Oh why did I fell headlong in love with this? I’m pretty content with my phone, I rarely use it anyway. Lol. And I do a lot of stuff online so I much prefer the power of a laptop to smartphones or tablets. So I never really got into digging and running for a new phone. I simply didn’t need or want it.

Or I was just deluding myself. So now I concluded there simply just weren’t a product in the market that I wanted enough. Until I saw the Samsung Galaxy Note in one trade exhibit. I was blown over. I love the display and while the size might be a turn off for some, well its a plus for me. I could never like browsing the web on teeny weeny handsets. So I lurve this one. It’s thin, and looks sexy.

And the biggest draw: I could scribble, draw and make notes on it. I’m a huge drawing fan. I sketch and make notes a lot. So this is a match made in heaven. I also like the S-Scheduler. It’s intuitive and just the sort I need.

It also doesn’t help my obsession that tech reviewers are raving about it. Read Engadget Review.

So now I have something to work on. It’s expensive and I’m still dilly dallying about buying it although I really want it. Hmm, I’m a a sensible shopper and I have priorities. But whoa! If I want to gift myself, this is IT!

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