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‘If I Die’ Facebook App

I know this sounds kind of morbid, but I just can’t help but marvel at the ingenious apps that are launched here and there. I personally get so dizzy with the sheer number of apps on Facebook, but this one’s an attention grabber for sure.

ifidie facebook app

Not everyone would contemplate or even talk about death. In some cultures, this is a taboo topic, but then again its a reality of life. And of course, since most of us are increasingly on social networking, its hardly surprising that technology, internet and in this case, Facebook be used to convey your ‘last wishes or words’.

ifidie facebook app

This little app called ‘If I Die’ allows you to send one last video from beyond. This is a free app.

Its makers suggest that you could share a life story – or even a secret you have never shared before, which might come as something as a surprise to the 130 or so friends average people have on Facebook.

But you cannot just send your last message, you need to setup three trustees who should confirm that you are indeed now resting in peace before the message could be posted.

Read more about this at DailyMail

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