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Lovely Soft Tops From Soft Surroundings

I came across this online shop called SoftSurroundings.com and I was just wowed! I love soft fabrics bathed in soft muted colors so in short I spent hours there just browsing. And trust me to come up with some really nice and lovely picks, and for sure there will be more to come from this shop. Expect this shop too to be included in my list of look for “coupons and discounts’ sites.

10 Lovely Soft Tops…All items from Softsurroundings.

[singlepic id=388 w=500 h=500 float=center]

(1) Glam Tunic – love this, its simple yet has that undeniable glamorous appeal.

(2) Francesca Top -its in purple. Need I say more? Also available in ecru and navy.

(3) Sarina Suede Shirt – looks soo romantic..

(4) Gabrielle Shirt – so feminine. I love the details on the sleeves and it looks super comfy too

(5) Timely Turtleneck – I love how this top drapes. Definitely figure flattering.

(6) Silk Shibori Tunic – lovely print. Simple, unique and flattering.

(7) J’adore Top – jersey soft and stunning color.

(8) Sienna Scarf – lovely drape and the color is just so warm.

(9) Premiere Pullover – beautiful sleeves, the fabric drape and the over look of femininity.

(10) Cachet Cardigan – very stylish and the color is lovely too.

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