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Make Your Android Phone Look Amazing with Themer

It’s been several months since I last designed Android homescreens. Sigh. I love doing this but right now I am simply pressed for time. Got too much on my plate right now, in fact, right now I should be looking for bar machinery for sale but I’m sneaking in to post this. Ha!

I’m sure there are lots of people with the same predicament, you want to personalize you Android Phone but you either don’t know how or you don’t have the time. Well, here’s one great solution – Themer App!

I’ve been testing it the past few months and I love how easily you can switch set ups!  I’m lovin’ it a lot, I’m itching to do my own designs for Themer. Just wait till I get myself some free doodle and play time..For now, check out the app and start making your phone beautiful.

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