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Merging Chaos

Please excuse the blog chaos. It might not be noticeable at first, but this blog has a lot of broken links, not found pages and images. Mainly because, I merged my old fashion/women themed blog to this one.

So if you see posts authored by FemRev, well that’s from my old blog. I decided on merging it as I don’t really have much time to blog anymore. I have a toddler at hand, a home-business and lot more things in between so I decided to get real and maintain at most only 3 blog sites which I can seriously keep up with. So I’ve downloaded sites I have to picked to do away it and merged it with the few ones I will maintain.

The process was quite easy but left me with a lot of editing to do and with the old site having about 300+ posts, I’m just in for a really busy and chaotic weekend weeding out stuff. I’ve also changed themes twice and that’s not helping me keep up with the editing, hahaha! But that’s me.

I’m trying my very best to organize my crazy life at the moment and get back into the blogging habit. I realized that the past two years, writing and updating here has really been sporadic at best. I’m actually forcing myself to be in the habit and update the site at least once per week.

Habit apps are a big help for me at the moment, and I’ve be featuring some of the good ones I’ve tried.


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