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Moving and A Little Blimp

I’ve been thinking about moving a few of my blogs to another host and server, mainly because I don’t want all my blogs to be using a single shared IP addresss (for blog earning purposes hahaha). I upgraded my old hosting account and got a dedicated IP address, meaning only my blogs would be exclusively using that IP. Which is much better than sharing it with God knows how many sites on a single shared server.

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I have also decided to limit blogs I host for every hosting account to maximize the earning potential of each when it comes to text links. So some of the blogs I have decided to move to my second hosting account and once I’m done with the transfer (about 6 blogs), I will also be purchasing a dedicated IP address for these account.

So that’s what I had been so busy with the past few days. Backing up, and doing the actual transfer of 6 blogs to a new server. I’m halfway through it, as I’m a bit slow and meticulous. I want to make sure all links are working and I don’t miss out anything. Also, I do take the time to test everything first before actually changing the domain DNS. At least I know for sure that when I go live, everything is in order.

After a couple of blog transfers I got the process down pat. It’s easy (although a bit scary at first) and it won’t really require much technical knowledge. There are a lot of tutorials you can follow and as for me, tutorials from the webhosts is what I prefer to follow. Thankfully, everything went beautifully when I transferred this blog. There was a bit of downtime (as normal) while the domain nameservers was changed and it was propagating but it was just a short blimp, so no harm done and now were live from the new host.

Once I’m done with all the moving, I’m going to post a mini tutorial here on how you can do your own tranfers.. complete with screenshots.

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