My Cold Weather Skin Essentials

Vain, yes, I am vain. Not put-on-tons-of-makeup vain but my vanity veers towards a lot of effort in taking care of my skin. I’ve always believed clean and clear skin is one of women’s better assets and if you’ve got it you really don’t need much makeup. It’s like, you can dare to face the world with just your ‘naked’ skin.

So I constantly obsess about caring for my skin. Like during dry and hot weather, I’m usually in a panic mode about acne, especially with my oily skin. Yeah, I do get into panic attacks, enough for me to consider acne pills! But I often settle down and be patient about it anyway.

Same thing for the cold season, I take great pains not to let my skin go so dry. The cold and chilly wind and temperatures can really sap the moisture in skin, so the usual skin care regimen changes a bit. It’s still, cleanse, tone and moisturize routine for me but cleansing becomes gentler, and moisturizing becomes heavier.

Too much cleansing will strip too much moisture from the skin, so cleansing I limit to just once a day with a light face cleanser. I have three picks for this, all of them works for me though my top pick is Cetaphil and if its not available then its Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash.

For day time moisturizer I still stick to my all time fave Ducray’s Ictyane Hydrating Creme. I have oily and sensitive skin so this really works for me since its not too heavy and just perfect for day time use.

For night time use, I prefer a heavier moisturizer. Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Aging UV Moisturizer or Nivea Cream Crème.

As for body lotion, these are my staples..

And another thing, drinking more and more fluids to keep hydrated. Plus a good lip balm comes in really handy.

Looking at all my skin care product preferences I just realized I go for unscented/mild scented, mostly for sensitive skin variety. All of these I have used since I was in my teens, well except for the Olay Total Effects Moisturizer which I started using just four years ago..

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