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My Easy Home Spa Pampering..

Who doesn’t love a bit of pampering every now and then? I’m a self-confessed spa and pampering addict! There’s a downside to this though, going to the spa means a lot of extra expenses, and I’m sure a lot of you want to save a bit. For the past year, I’ve been seriously cutting back on my spa expenses and so I’ve learned to do some ‘pamper myself’ routine at home and without spending much..

spa at home

When I’m so stressed out, here’s what I usually do..

  • Take a really relaxing, warm bath or shower. I always set aside some time to do this as it is a really effective stress reliever. If you have a roomy bathroom, why not add some candles and soothing aromatherapy oils for a more relaxing and ‘spa ambiance’?
  • Have a nice, soothing body scrub. By yourself! I usually do this with a ready made salt scrub. You can also buy or make your own body scrubs. Check out for some easy to make body scrub recipes.
  • Paint your own nails! I only do this occasionally when I’m really in a ‘pissed off’ mood. But I always have my own pedicure tools at home just in case the mood strikes me.. When I’m in a real bad mood, I always paint my nails shockingly bold colors and for some reasons it just eases my stress levels down looking at my nails colored. Maybe its some sort of rebellion or devil may care attitude but it works for me..
  • Have a facial mask! There’s lots of facial masks available at the pharmacies or even at the supermarkets, I always buy loads of those and I regularly have my 20 minute twice a week facial mask session at home while sitting on my favorite reclining chair, listening to music or reading a funny chick lit. Try it! It’s great for the skin and totally relaxing too..
  • Take time to moisturize your skin. I consider this my luxury indulgence. I spare no expense really when it comes to skin moisturizers. I really believe in the long run it’ll pay off and its darn less expensive than botox! After my bath/shower, I always take a few minutes applying moisturizer and rubbing it all over my body. Sheer bliss..
  • Buy your own aromatherapy oil burner! It won’t even cost a lot! Get the burner, a few bottles of different oils ( my personal fave is lemongrass oil..), tea light candles. Add a few drops of oil on the burner, add a bit of water, light the candle and place it the room. Whenever I want to get a little nap or just relax a little, I place my burning aromatherapy oil in a dark room and I almost always get a much needed doze of sleep..

What about you? What do you do to relax and get pampered at home?

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