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New Clean Look

I just realized two things.

One. I love white, clean, minimal layouts. I find it easier on the eyes. And I’d like to think readers also find it easier to navigate and less stressful on the eyes.

and Two. I like revamping the site theme when my blogging mojo is down. And that’s how I’ve been feeling the past few weeks. I’ve been building and editing some other sites that I really didn’t have the energy to keep up with this blog. And to be honest, how a site look and feel really has a huge influence on how enthusiastic I am to  update it.

I know its weird, but not really as weird as if I start blabbering about apricot pits here, noh? So yes, I changed blog theme and went back to one of my favorite themes of all time. The site is sporting the Genesis Theme. The framework one, with just a few minor tweaks with text and images.

And I find it nice, very calming. Plus, it makes me want to blog. So more updates coming up!!

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