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On Getting Help at Home

I’m a stay at home mom and wife for the past five years. For some, this might be regarded as some kind of charmed existence, and yes there are times I feel good to have more control of my time, but still the chores I have to do on a daily basis tends to be overwhelming.

After a few years I’ve learned to manage my time and now I could do things without much need of a helper, mostly because my daughter is now 7 and have now learned to be a bit more independent. After being a stay at home mom for the past few years I’ve been on the receiving end of questions and advice seekers if it’s entirely possible to run a household without a helper.

My answer would be, yes it is possible but I’m not a hypocrite either, so I would still advice getting a helper or a nanny if you can. Why? You can’t possibly manage everything on your own without getting some kind of help at least. It is very taxing in terms of time and effort. Remember, the main reason most of us choose to be a stay at home mom is to have more time to attend to our kids and husband. And it is just so easy to fall into the grind and too much chores and forget about where we should be spending more time with.

The trick is to take on what you can and don’t pretend to be superwoman. If you can’t find a helper or can’t afford one, then get help from your older kids or you can also ask hubby to pitch in with the chores. At the onset, things could be confusing and really overwhelming but do take a breather now and then and learn your limitations. That way, you won’t overtax yourself and could still focus on things that really matter.

And as for looking for helper and a nanny, well this can be a tricky task. It is just hard to find somebody trustworthy and would make us complacent enough to leave our house and children to be cared for. Though security measures like nanny cams are now a fad, I would still prefer my nanny to be a person I know or personally recommended by someone I trust implicitly.

Mulling over the past few years I’ve been a housewife, I would say that managing a home and raising kids and taking care of the family is in itself a hard, and challenging work.

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