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On Static IP’s and SSL Certificates

Here’s what I’ve been seriously mulling about for several weeks now. I’m taking time to think about it coz this thing involves some expense and its not as easy as buying switch plate covers. I’m talking about getting Dedicated or Static IP’s for my web blogs.

Why am I contemplating doing this for my blogs? I have several blocks of websites which earn from text link selling. And dedicated IP’s command higher prices and more opportunities compared to blogs on shared IP’s. In short, the blog would have increased value if its on a dedicated IP. Also, dedicated IP’s are great for security as well as to avoid being in a bad neighborhood. If you’re sharing an IP with another website deemed to be ‘bad’ then you may be tagged too as being in a bad neighborhood and having a static IP is a great way to avoid this.

However, getting a dedicated IP is a costly business. My webhost charges $50 per year for a dedicated IP. Which I think is expensive but reasonable coz to get a dedicated IP you need to have an SSL certificate which also costs a lot.

Anyway, after several weeks of studying my options, I have learned a few things.

  • As I’ve mentioned, if you want a dedicated IP, you need to have an SSL certificate. This is the only valid justification to request for a dedicated IP for most webhosts.
  • Domain validated SSL certificate which includes a Dedicated IP address usually costs $50 per year up.
  • Company validated SSL costs $150 up but for a simple blog this isn’t really needed. More for those who need a really secure site like online shops.
  • If you find the $50 per year expensive, you can also purchase a third party SSL certificate for more option when it comes to prices and available certificates. The lowest I’ve seen online for positive domain validated SSL is about $9/yr.  Read this for more info about Cheap SSL Certificates.
  • If you choose to purchase a third party SSL certificate, you can then request to have the dedicated IP address and certificate installed in your webhost. Third party SSL certificate installation fee usually is about $10. Then you also have to pay for the dedicated IP monthy charge of about $2 per month or $24 per year. The average total cost for a third party SSL cert + server installation + IP address would be like $43/year.  Cheaper by a few dollars than going direct but this requires a little bit of work on your part, but I think its worth it specially if you have a lot of blogs you want to place on a dedicated IP.
  • Lastly, its a very good choice to upgrade to a Reseller Hosting account if you are managing a lot of blogs and want it with a dedicated IP each. Personal and business hosting accounts usually just allow 1 dedicated IP for each account and you have to share these among your multiple blogs, which is not bad. But if you want 1 IP per 1 Blog, then it makes sense to get a Reseller Hosting and create 1 Cpanel for each blog, so each can also request for a dedicated IP.
All that said, right now, I’m saving up and will be upgrading my current business hosting plan to a reseller account soon and will be migrating all my blogs to a dedicated IP each soon.
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