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On Women's Supplements

Am I currently on the healthy living bandwagon? Perhaps so, but its a bandwagon I don’t want to get out of. Anyway, I’ve doing some reading about women’s vitamins and supplements and have also been checking out supplement critic to learn more about supplements.

womens vitamins

Most people don’t have that perfect and ideal diet that’s why we need supplements and vitamins. These can help us be healthier and to cope better with life’s many stresses. Here’s just some pointers I’ve picked from reading various sources.

Choosing vitamins for women is no mean feat because each person have different needs. First, one’s diet must be analyzed so that we could determine what nutrients are lacking from our daily diet. While there are multi-vitamins in the market care must still be applied specially for women with other health concerns.

Older women need higher dosages of calcium than younger women. Vitamin D goes hand in hand with Vitamin C as it helps activate the latter.

For the skin and hair, Vitamin E is recommended. It also has anti-oxidant properties.

Special consideration has to be made for women who are pregnant, in menopausal stage, breastfeeding or those under medication. If you fall under this category, then its still best to consult a medical professional to recommend the right vitamins and supplements.

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