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online shopping for fashionThat’s me all right. I’m totally addicted to shopping online. Whether its just online surf shopping (my version of window shopping hehe) to find out what’s the latest and what things are trending, to wading my way into Ebay’s awesome online auctions, to checking out the latest deals and sales, and hunting for coupons whenever I’m ready to make a purchase, to that giddy feelings of excitement while waiting for the things I purchase…Well, shopping online is just a never ending joy for me.

I know some are wary about shopping online without seeing the actual product and I also have some trepidation about this. Of course, the trick would be to go to highly reputable shopping sites, and if I am really tempted to try one site, I make sure I do lots and lots of research first. User reviews, testimonials, etc I really scour before I even bother letting go of a single dollar to an online vendor.

Though it has its disadvantages, online shopping for me offers a whole lot of advantages too. For one, I’m not geographically limited. I could practically shop for things that are in other countries too. Especially since I’m currently based in Cambodia where there’s not really much in terms of shopping venues.

Two, lots of unique, one off items you can only find online. So if you are that die hard fashionista and you are scared of showing up on a party wearing the same clothes as your arch rival then shopping online is a safe bet to score a one of a kind item.

Three, lots of great deals. If you know where to look you can get huge savings. I’m still actually stupefied that I joined an Ebay auction and I got a really nice wallet for only $1.99! How cool is that?!

Four, I don’t have to leave the comforts of my house. Hehe I am lazy sometimes so this works for me..

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