What’s a Tuner?

Anything music related, don’t ask me. Ha! And that’s exactly the reason why I’m posting this. My small (by small I mean almost teen) has been asking me about tuners and I know nothing. I think he’s better off checking this stuff out at musician’s friend than asking me as I’m totally clueless when it […]

Gorgeous Anniversary Rings

You’d have to excuse this non-geeky post. But if you love pretty things, you’d like this, nonetheless. My 12th year wedding anniversary is upcoming and I’m being shameless (as usual) and  giving hubby a hint of what I want. I already got his present picked out, so I picked out something I would love to […]

Easy Global Payments with Payoneer

Are you an affiliate marketer? A blogger? Or perhaps you do a lot of online transactions?  Here’s something that is making things really easy for me, when it comes to receiving payments online: Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard Card. It offers a lot of convenience for those always transacting online. As for me, I’m a blogger and […]

10 Gorgeous Galaxy Note 3 Cases for Girls

Here’s some picks to make that Samsung Galaxy Note 3  a little bit more girly. I picked out 10 Galaxy Note 3 cases that would truly make your phone a lot more feminine. I personally use this phone and I find it awesome albeit a little masculine in looks. So one way to indulge ourselves […]

Mourning SpringPad

I know this might be totally over the top for me, but I’m really really sad about SpringPad note taking app/software saying good bye. For one, I’ve been using it for a while already and I loved it. And so I have tons of notes in there. It’s the one browser extension and mobile app […]

Value for Money Smartphone: Alcatel Pop C9

My sister has been looking for a smartphone to buy for sometime already. BUT she is very exacting and quite specific. And she has been bugging me to recommend a good one for her and one at a price point she could live with. Let’s just say she is extremely budget conscious and wants a […]

Gorgeous Laptop Tote Bags

I dislike carrying those utilitarian black laptop bags. I know that’s incredibly picky but why not be chic while lugging about a huge laptop? After all, for me why wear a plain hairstyle when you can be like a chameleon . Same goes for laptop bags, you can have something functional but also stylish. It […]

Music Mixing Android App

I have a daughter who is absolutely crazy about music. I figured it won’t be long before she asks me for a pricey music instrument but for now she is into mixing music. And right now, she is so ‘madly in love’ with this studio music mixing app she found in Google Play. It’s called Edjing DJ […]

8 Bestselling Stands for iPad

Here’s something I’ve been looking to purchase for awhile already. Most of the time I use the iPad for watching a video and reading and this would free my hands to multitask. I’m curious what’s the best selling (and rated well!) iPad stands in the market. Here’s 8 really great stands for iPad buys: Anker® […]

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