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Paid with Blog Earnings: Flat Screen TV

I’ve been blogging for what seems like eons already and I’ve been earning with it for close to three years already. Not huge, mainly because I haven’t quite started yet to go after those big earning niche sites. What I have right now are my ‘pleasure’ blogs. Personal, hobby blogs that earns with paid posts, affiliates, cpc’s and direct advertisers.

A week ago I decided to buy something nice for myself to celebrate new year and to celebrate my 4th year in blogging. I figured I’ll go and buy myself a flat screen tv for our room. Hubby and I are big movie buffs and prefer to do DVD marathons during weekends instead of going out and spending a lot. Watching movies is one of our guilty pleasures. Lol.

I’ve bought a whole lot of stuff already from blogging earnings but I never really thought about posting about it on my blogs. I guess I was afraid of being labeled ‘bragging’ but lately I seem to be getting comments that I need to get a proper job from people who seem to think I spend my days just hanging out in Facebook or playing games. Nah. They can’t seem to grasp the earning possibilities blogging and internet marketing offers. Hahaha. I think they’ll be incredulous if I tell them I actually earn about 3-4 times more than what I was earning when I was working for a bank.

Anyway, here’s what I bought with my blog earnings for the last two weeks. Actually this was just from one direct advertiser and 2 weeks worth of paid posts on a few blogs.

Sony Bravia 32" Flat Screen TV

I settled on a 32″ Sony Bravia. It’s quite nice and just the right size for our room. I was thinking of getting the 40″ since the price wasn’t really that much far apart but I think it would dwarf our room. Lol. So, I’m glad I picked this out.

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