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Paid With Blog Earnings: Starter Laptop for Kiddo

It’s been awhile since I posted on this category. I am still earning from blogs, but I just quit counting much now. Lol. Not that its a lot  (I wish it is) but the recent months, my blog earnings have been steady and growing. Add to the fact that I have tried out using other ad networks too and trying out other affiliate products to promote.

A big chunk of my online earnings go to savings and to another saving fund for when I retire. Yes, I’m totally saving a portion of my income for the day I’m old and unable to work. It might not be gratifying for the moment but I think its a great investment than going on a mad spree and buying  a cool gadget on a whim.

But, last month I did buy something nice using my blog earnings, not for me but for my daughter. It was her birthday and we went to an out of town trip, booked and pampered ourselves in a nice resort and I also gifted her with a new entry level laptop. We got a Samsung NP370R with Win8 lappie for her.

Samsung NP370R

We decided on this coz she has been increasingly using the computer for school work and projects. BUT I still do monitor and limit the time she spends on it.

So far so good. She’s loving it and its performing marvelously well. In fact, I’m quite jealous. It’s awesomer than my laptop hahahaha.

Looking at it inspires me to work on my blogs more. Little things do add up.

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