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I’m on the last week of our Philippine vacation and just yesterday I took stock of things I have accomplished and what I should be rushing to do the next couple of days. Well, right now I’m on the verge of tearing my hair out coz I totally forgot processing for my school transcript of records. I lost my original copy and since I’m planning to go back to school I’ll be needing it for the application.

I was thinking it’ll just need a day or two to process like last time so I put off going to my old school and just yesterday I learned it may take a few weeks to get everything done! Duh?! That is frustrating! To think they have computerized everything so how come it takes longer time to process?

It’s the same thing with passport processing here in the Philippines. Before it could take less than two weeks, shorter if you get it from regional consular offices but now that they have this online, computerized blah blah, you have to wait a couple of months before seeing your passport which just beats the purpose of having it computerized. I was hoping it’ll make the process more streamlined, organized hence faster but I’m dead wrong. So this is really a dilemma now for my mom who is planning to get her passport so she could go to Cambodia next year.

Anyway, thank God, I’m done with most of my other errands. I’m also done checking out a new car insurance for my parents. We were also planning to scout and do some touring of model houses in Cavite but I think we have limited time for that so that’l be shelved till I come back for another vacation. Hopefully by December..

So, what to do with my school transcript? I’ll still process the application and would probably just arrange to have it picked up or mailed..

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  1. My brother and I have been just debating this very topic, he’s continually trying to prove me completely wrong. Your view on this is fantastic and exactly how I truly feel. I recently mailed my brother this site to demonstrate him your perspective. Immediately after looking over your weblog I saved and will be coming back to read your posts!

  2. Sadly, instead of moving forward, the use of technology back home is like stepping backwards.

  3. my miscellany, you’re right! I dunno why they have to complicate things. Me thinks, its to give more jobs and give more way to nepotism than to really streamline everything..

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