Personal Project: Learning More About Skin Care

I am doing a lot of reading lately about skin care products and their ingredients. Why so? I find it interesting and I’m curious. In any case its a lot better reading that instead of researching xbox network cable and xbox hacks which my brother has been bugging me to do. I think I still owe him that for later.

But anyway, with hundreds if not thousands of skin care products I keep seeing on the beauty store shelves, its not unusual to be confused about what exactly to look for. Advertising is also a great influence and I find myself favoring one product simply because I love their campaign or I like their spokesperson. But somehow, I’ve been trying to go beyond that and concentrate not on the name/brand but more on what is inside that little bottle.

All skin care products promise this and that. But more often than not the ingredients they list are just what I would coin ‘bloatware’. Something that they add to make it sound good and attractive to buyers. It helps to do a bit of research or to follow the advice of your dermatologist on this.

I’ll be keeping you posted on some finds about skin care soon. Since this is an interest most women share, then I’ll be coming up with more posts on this.

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