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Photosensitive Camera Concept

Today’s my birthday, so what am I doing blogging instead of partying? I should really just be counting Gourmet Gift Baskets. Lol. But no gave me any gift basket so I’m blogging instead. But really, I just need to blog about this cool camera concept by Damien Arlettaz which also happens to be a 2011 Red Dot Design Concept winner.

Photosensitive Camera Concept

I’m loving this concept because with all things digital now, photos taken rarely get printed and appreciated. It usually just stays in a digital file and left to gather ‘digital dust’. Lol. That’s quite sad because for me photographs are meant for reminiscing, to keep happy times alive. I guess the creator of this design concept have this in mind.

Photosensitive Camera Concept

Photosensitive is a project that aims to simplify the self-help process where cameras need to hook-up with computers for the printing process. “The application becomes a dimension of the experience, from capturing to archiving and sharing images.”
Photosensitive comprises of the following modules: Stenope, Viewer, Contact Sheet, and Memory.


Touchscreen digital camera that uses standard photograph format (4 x 6 inches).
The user shoots the picture at a print-ready size.
The interface provides straightforward explanations about light, motion, and depth, allowing the user to quickly grasp the different parameters.
Stenope then disappears, serving as a control screen for all the other modules.
Viewer, Contact Sheet, and Memory

Viewer allows users to create and present slideshows.
Contact Sheet works like a stamp and allows printing on any even surface.
The loading base for the paper is also in a 4 x 6 inch format.
Memory can store up to 10,000 pictures.
Images are automatically downloaded through Wi-Fi and classified.

via Yanko Design

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