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Pretty Girly Wall Stickers from Kohls

You probably guessed right. I wouldn’t pass up posting something as really cute, pretty and girly! For the past few days, I’ve been so engrossed with updating my ‘home styling and home decor trends’ blog that I’ve missed updating my other sites. And to top that, I was so into it that I’ve ended up creating another blog with its own domain and would be dedicated to home decoration finds and tips. My tentative title for this blog is Simply Home Style. I’ll be featuring about this soon, and of course, readers who have an interest in home and living features are most welcome..

It’s one of my passions – home styling and home decor! I guess its one hobby or interest that I share with a lot of women out there. Since this is a women themed blog and I always feature online product finds, I’ll also be including pretty finds that you might want to add to your home, you know to glam it up a bit, to prettify, and to make it a bit more unique and feminine..

Anyway, I think I blabbered enough already.. I couple of days I ago I was hopping on some home-related online shops looking for some wall decals. We’re planning to make our daughter her own ‘girly’ room and I don’t want bare walls so I was looking for something cute and pretty to spruce it up a bit..

Here’s what I find from Kohl’s..

Mirrored Butterfly Wing Stickers – in silver, so it could balance out if you’re using very vibrant colors on your wall. And its on sale! From $19.99 grab it now for only $7.99.

Mirrored Butterfly Wall Stickers

Dry Erase Bird Wall Stickers – this is totally usable! I could actually leave notes for my daughter there to say ‘clean your room..”or “do you homework” or ‘no TV after 8 pm’.. This would come in pretty handy..From $19.99 grab it now for only $7.99

Dry-Erase Bird Wall Stickers_Kohls

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