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Projects and Goals

For the next six months, I’m setting a personal challenge. A new project and I’m dipping into affiliate marketing.

From my blogs I earn via direct advertisers, in-post adverts and Google Adsense. The income is steady but since my sites are nothing major, the CPC earnings are nothing spectacular.

But since I’m now considering this a full time online business then I want to have more than that because I know its possible and very doable.


How do I achieve this?

(1) I’ll be making content heavy niche sites. – This will be time consuming and tedious but from what I have experienced,good niche selection + good helpful content + good SEO is the perfect recipe for earning well with Adsense and other CPC companies.

(2)  Affiliate Marketing – yup. For now, I am concentrating on marketing with Amazon. For the past 6 months, I had been experimenting if its really possible to earn from Amazon associates when the commission is just 4%. And yup, after a couple of experiments and not even full scale marketing effort on my part, I found that I’m earning well with Amazon. In fact, the past three months, my Amazon earnings have far exceeded my Adsense earnings. Which was really a huge surprise for me.

So now, I’m  hooked on building this sites. Nothing massive, just niches that interest me and that I could handle. I’m setting also some earning goals come January 2013 (target: $1000 from Amazon)  and I want to double that amount come June 2013.

A friend tells me my goals are too high, but I disagree. It’s very doable, all it requires is diligence, patience and a lot of hard work. I also have several goals to work for. Nope, not gadgets, not even cigars for less. I intend to buy from my online earnings another lot (farm lot preferable where we could retire in gardening bliss), house renovation, and another car.


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