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I Said Sayonara

Nah. This is not a weepy post. I simply liked the word ‘sayonara’ and that’s exactly what I did with my old web host. I said, goodbye.

To be honest I should have done this since last year, but as usual I was either procrastinating and I was really busy. Midway this year, I got myself a reseller hosting account and transferred almost all my domains there.

But for some reason I still maintained the old hosting account. I know it was not a sound business decision, but I was being paranoid. So I ended up paying for two more months of hosting.

This week though I decided to go and finish the move. I transferred the last remaining site, and just today, I cancelled my old hosting subscription. And guess what, I feel totally liberated. Hahaha. I know it sounds crazy. But I totally feel like I deserve a nice reward. Not really a bad idea since I’ll be saving loads from hosting fees from now on.

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