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Search for Alternative to Evernote

I have previously lamented the demise of SpringPad, my much loved note taking app. I searched high and low for an alternative but I still ended up with Evernote. Don’t get me wrong, Evernote is a solid product, brimming with features but it just isn’t for me. It’s like pushing an acoustic electric guitar to a guitar novice like me who just wants to keep things simple.

I find Evernote to have too much features and also a big factor for me – Interface. Somehow I find it cluttered (organized but cluttered) and not easy on the eyes. I changed font styling but it still gave me that impression and instead of helping me be productive, its been driving me nuts. Ha! I know its an OC thing, but there it is.

For personal, short notes I’m pretty much settled on using Google Keep, but I’m on the lookout for something more substantial. Anyhow, I’ve recently been searching for other note taking apps to try. Important features for me would be ability to sync across multiple devices and a simple, easy on the eye interface.

So far, I’m loving this.

Note Taking App

SimpleNote. A free app available for the web, iOS, Android and Kindle. It’s simple, clean and doesn’t drive me crazy.

For other apps check out these recent listings: Top 10 Best Evernote Alternatives and for Mac users – Time To Ditch Evernote? Letterspace & Fetch Are Compelling Alternatives.

Another alternative I would explore in the near future is PaperWork where notes can be stored in your server. Worth checking out if one does not like to host important notes on third party servers.

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