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Setting Goals for Healthy Living

I’m all inspired to be on the ‘live healthy’ side. While there are a whole lot of reasons to live healthy, personally, my topmost reason is that I want to live longer and to avoid any diseases while I’m still young. Being healthy for me isn’t just physical, I also want to take care of my mental and emotional health. I also don’t want to have too much financial worries when I grow old so I want to prepare for it now. I want to save more and if possible have a good life insurance.

But how do I achieve and maintain a healthy living lifestyle. I think it’ll be a good idea to set some goals with regards to this.  For one thing, it’ll keep me in track. There are times coming for sure that I would waver from this goal, so having some simple easy to achieve goals or steps will help me much more.

Setting goals starts with assessment. Where you are right now and what you want to achieve. This I have to do. A check of example how much weight loss I want to achieve.  It’s also a must for me to have a thorough physical health check-up so I would know where are the areas I need to improve on.

I have to pick goals also that are actually realistic for me. For one I don’t plan to be reed thin like a model, that I would never be. I just want to achieve the weight that is right for my height. I also have to list it down and make sure it is specific, measurable – I could check on my progress, rewarding and can also be place on a time frame.

I think it’ll also be more successful if I share this goals with people who care. Like my family and my friends. At least they’d be there to prod me in case I’m deviating. And lastly, one thing I learned – to listen to your body. Sometimes we tend to overdo things, so I want to listen and learn to interpret the signal my body gives off.

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  1. Baket kaya mahirap mag healthy living? Hehehe. That has been my plan ever since but still working on it up to now. Hayy!

    Btw, love the look of your new theme! =)

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