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So Its Bye Bye Google Reader

This is not a news that I’m welcoming. Big G is retiring Google Reader!! And it just boggles the mind why they are doing this massive spring cleaning. Sigh. Here’s the Google Blog announcement for this not so welcome news.

I’m a voracious feed subscriber. That’s how I keep up with news and trends particularly since I maintain a multitude of blogs.

So now I’m in a bit of a quandary. What do I do?

I use a lot of apps for reading feeds but most of them are using Google Reader as the backend. Now I have a task of migrating my gazillion feed subscription. Perhaps Feedly? I like how it looks but last time I tried it, it felt kind of heavy and sluggish.

And I loved Google Readers simplicity. The focus on the feeds. I’m in deep mourning you know.

And at a time I full to the gills with things to do. I’m migrating some sites to another server, cleaning up my downloads folder, organizing my graphic design tools, and cleaning up my computer. Whaaaaaaaaa! I’ll just finish up doing some Registry repair, then I’m definitely migrating my

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