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Sony Splits From Ericsson

I’m sad here. I love my Sony Ericsson mobile phones. I know while everyone is clamoring for smartphones and all, I’m stuck with my two good old Sony Ericsson phones. It’s by choice and I couldn’t bear to be parted with it. For some reason, I love my Sony Ericsson phones a whole lot. Perhaps because I dropped them too many times but they are still alive. Hahaha. ┬áIt is serving me well and they do have awesome products..

Sony Splits from Ericsson

So now my tidy little cpu cart is upset with the announcement that Sony is now divorcing Ericsson. Sony has now taken over Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson’s 50-percent stake in their joint partnership and the company would be renamed “Sony Mobile Communications”. Its mobile phone arm would be integrated to its mainstream electronics business..

Read on here – Sony Press Release for more info.

I realize this is a not so usual happening and hope that Sony would continue coming up with great products even after this. If they come up with a cool smartphone I might just be tempted to buy one.

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