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Sony’s Honeycomb Tablets S1 and S2

I find iPads really beautiful and sleek. So why am I not hankering to have one? I dunno. I guess I’m not one of those persons who pant and salivate on hearing the word Apple or Mac. Hahaha! If I ever buy a tablet I want something running on Android. So, what’s in the market? What are my choices?

Sony Tablets

Hmm, Sony is launching two new tablets called S1 and S2 this fall. Yay!  It’s running on Android Honeycomb 3.0, are 3G and 4G compatible and is equipped with awesome gaming integration courtesy of  PlayStation Suite. The reader in me won’t be left unsatisfied coz it can download books easily from the Reader store.

The one on the left is the S1 and to the right is S2.  S1 will come with  9.4-inch screen and a unique “off-center of gravity” form for easier hold.  While S2 comes with two 5.5-inch screens which I think would take a bit of getting used to when browsing, but otherwise would be really great to lug around since it can be folded neatly.

Check out the demo video below…

Via GeekSugar

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