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Swarovski Handbag Hangers

How many bags do you have? I’m sure most girls would answer an average of more than 10. Lol! I have lots of bags, some stashed in a cabinet, some I rarely use stashed inside my unused luggages and I have a whole lot in my room back home in the Philippines.

For bag lovers, one particular concern is to be able to care for your bags. Of course, while using it you don’t want to place it just anywhere, where it could get stains, tears etc. Here’s a handbag accessory that I think would come in handy for us..

Handbag Hanger - Neiman Marcus

Swarovski Handbag Hangers! It can easily attach to a surface so you can hang your bag, in a easy-to-reach distance, out of the floor, and out of others way.Its available in pink, green or clear crystal colors and costs $28 at Neiman Marcus.

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