Blogging Tips: Image Optimizing

After managing blogs for awhile now, one of the things I realized is that images make a really nice complement to content/text. It helps break the content, the post becomes more visually stimulating and interesting and it does help tell the story more eloquently. BUT images can also weigh down the blog. Can you imagine […]

Easy htacess Redirect Code

I’ve moved websites several dozen times already. And usually they are WordPress blog sites and on same domains. So its simply a server/host move.  And I didn’t have to be bothered to learn about redirects for changed URL’s. For me, these has become even something like a routine. But, its a bit of a different […]

Blogging Tips: Tagging Your Images

Here’s something I have learned from all those years of blogging: Tagging images is worth it!  ALT for images are simply alternate text for your images. It’s a very basic thing, but we often overlook it. When I first started blogging, I have zero idea what image tagging is.Once you blog, and start adding images […]